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October 01, 2013

Goodwill Day 2013 Advisory


To ensure the continued safety and convenience of those who will be visiting Golden Haven Memorial Park, we would like to inform you of the following guidelines in connection to the forthcoming observance of All Soul’s and All Saint’s Day.

  • In line with the preparation for November 1, we will not be accepting interment schedules for October 30 to November 4, 2013. All interments prior to October 28 must be settled at the Golden Haven Main Office at least three (3) days before the intended interment date.

  • PORTALETS will be installed within the park in addition to the two (2) existing COMFORT ROOMS located at Phase 1 (near the Family Patio area) and at Phase II (at the back of the GHMPI field office). Additional PORTALETS will be located at Section 70.

  • Food stalls will be available to serve you. Said stalls will be set up in the area between Section 29, Section 45 and Section 27.

  • Bringing in of any type of PLUG-IN APPLIANCES (rice cooker, electric fan, radio, etc.) and DEADLY WEAPONS is not allowed

  • Any type of LIQUOR is strictly prohibited inside the Golden Haven premises. Anybody who will be caught violating this rule will be apprehended by the members of the PNP or by the community tanods.

  • For Interment Location inquiries, you may proceed to the Marketing Booth located at the Patio Area or to the GHMPI Field Office for assistance.

  • A Marketing Booth will be set up at the Family Patio Area to cater to all inquiries regarding product lines and promos for the month.

  • Please be informed that effective 12:00 noon of October 31, 2013, the Main Road leading to the park will be closed to all vehicles. All vehicles will be directed to the Parking Area near the C-5 Extension Road. Also, in the event that the parking spaces provided within the park are already full, GHMPI Management reserves the right to refuse vehicle entry into the park.

For your reference, click on the Vicinity Map to view bigger image. Right-Click on the Vacinity Map, click save as image, then print it. Thank you for your usual cooperation and support.

Goodwill Advisory







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